Manage Overwhelm in Times of “Crazy Busy”


We live in times of unprecedented busyness. The demands and pace of work and life are at an all-time high, and they don’t appear to be slowing down. Whether our loads are self-imposed or put on us by others, most of us are doing our best to squeeze it all in—and we’re starting to burst at the seams.


To be able to successfully navigate the complex and accelerating demands of work and life, we need skills—not just the technical skills of your work but also mental, personal, and emotional skills.

The good news is that you can develop skills. With the right practices, you can rewire your habits—and your brain—with more productive strategies to manage the loads, reign in the stress, and reconnect to your energy and well-being.

In Ease, author and certified coach Eileen Chadnick offers strategies for these busy times with a toolkit of hundreds of tips and strategies to bring more ease into your work and life. The strategies—tried and tested through Chadnick’s personal experience with herself and her clients—draw from the wisdom of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, leadership, and coaching.

Ease is for people who want to step it up, not step it down — yet Ease is about more than just getting things done; it will help you alleviate overwhelm, reconnect with your work-life mojo, and experience greater personal and professional well-being.

Strategies are deceptively easy, yet draw from the wisdom of neuroscience, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence to help you become more resilient, optimistic, productive and joyful, even in the busiest of times.

A few highlights of what you will learn:

  • Understand the needs of your brain to perform optimally;
  • Learn to calm the triggers of the stress brain in the moment;
  • Pre-empt the “mind full” syndrome when the loads are heavy;
  • Feel more present, focused and in control;
  • Learn how positivity can actually broaden your brain’s ability and make you sharper, more effective and ultimately more successful;

Come away with practical strategies that are deceptively simple yet powerful levers to helping you do your best work and enjoy your work and life more fully.