Manage Overwhelm in Times of “Crazy Busy”

The “Ease” Summer Give-away (ease-y reading!)

It’s the Ease Summer Give-away! It’s summer and the ‘livin’ is (supposed to be) easy. To celebrate the season, I’ve decided to share a bunch of content from my book, Ease, for you to read at your leisure.

“Ease-y” and quick to read — each section (Chapter or Tool) will take about 2-3 minutes to read (max 4 for the longer ones).  The whole table of contents is laid out below — and the ‘freebies’ are hyperlinked. I may add more in the days ahead so check back soon.

Don’t procrastinate! I’ll be taking a few of these down after Labour Day so make sure you have a chance to dip in sooner than later. You’ll need these strategies when the busy, busy, busy season begins (September – but for many of us, it’s year-round).

Oh one last bit: I’m delighted to share this content to give you a good taste of “Ease” with guidance and tips for times of ‘crazy busy’. I’d be even more delighted if you wanted to read it ALL. To do so – just hop onto the ‘buy’ page on this site and find a retailer of your choice. Tip: the online versions are the best pricing but if you like hard copies, please get yourself one.




Part I:             Managing with Ease in Times of “Crazy Busy”

Chapter 1:     Introduction 

Chapter 2:     Deconstructing Overwhelm


 Part II:            Toolkit  

Chapter 3:     Welcome to Your Toolkit: Operating Manual

Chapter 4:     Mind Full? Organize and Focus with the Brain in Mind


Tool #1: Get It out of Your Head: Write It Down

Tool #2: Get a Grip on Your Schedule

Tool #3: Prioritize and Triage

Tool #4: Manage Distractions

Tool #5: Rein In the Multitasking

Tool #6: Learn to Say No

Tool #7 Manage the Paradox of Choice at the Buffet of Life


Chapter 5:     Mindful: Develop Conscious and Empowering Mindsets

Tool #8 Tame the Inner Critics

Tool #9 Climb Your Mountains One Step at a Time

Tool #10 Ask, “What Can I Do Now?”

Tool #11 Use Powerful Questions: The New Swiss Army Knife

Tool #12 Pause, Park, Reflect: The Power of Journaling

Tool #13 Clear the Cache

Chapter 6:     Mood Matters: Hone the Positivity Advantage

Tool #14 Check Your Positivity Ratio

Tool #15 Create a Happiness Portfolio

Tool #16 Boost the Positivity Habit with Just Minutes a Day

Tool #17 Get to Sleep


Would you like to read the whole book? Get yourself a copy at any of the online retailers listed here: See “Buy Ease“.

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