Manage Overwhelm in Times of “Crazy Busy”

Ease Tele-Talks




Let’s Get Seriously Positive! A series of three tele-talks….


Who wouldn’t want to experience more happiness in their life? Create more success? Spark up the work and life mojo?

This series of tele-talks explores the connection between positivity and one’s ability to flourish and succeed in work and life.  Learn what the science says about positivity and the impact it can have on our capacity to handle complex and heavy work (and life) loads; on our creativity, critical thinking skills, relationships, resilience and work and life “mojo”….…and ultimately, how a positivity habit can increase your chance for greater success and personal and professional well-being.

This session will draw from Eileen’s book, Ease, and beyond. In addition to giving you a greater understanding of the impact of positivity – and conversely, negativity – you will also learn concrete, easy-to-apply strategies to develop a robust positivity habit – even in times of duress and ‘crazy busy’.


FALL UPDATE – 1st Ease Talk Series Complete (2014): We have just completed the first of the Ease Talk programs and had people from far and wide tune in (coast to coast in Canada, some folks from U.S and even as far as the Yukon and Alaska!). I’m preparing the second offering which will hone in on the Positivity Advantage. We are going to get really serious about being happy. Seriously – I mean it!….lots of easy science to back up big claims that positivity can make you a better version of yourself and your life. We’ll have lots of  practical and applicable tips. If you want in….make sure you are on my newsletter distribution list or send me a note and I’ll add you in. Back soon with more!