Manage Overwhelm in Times of “Crazy Busy”

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Past Series…now complete: 

Let’s Get Seriously Positive! A series of three tele-talks….(Series complete. Check back for new programs coming this fall)

Who wouldn’t want to experience more happiness in their life? Create more success? Spark up the work and life mojo?

This series of tele-talks explores the connection between positivity and one’s ability to flourish and succeed in work and life.  Learn what the science says about positivity and the impact it can have on our capacity to handle complex and heavy work (and life) loads; on our creativity, critical thinking skills, relationships, resilience and work and life “mojo”….…and ultimately, how a positivity habit can increase your chance for greater success and personal and professional well-being.

This session will draw from Eileen’s book, Ease, and beyond. In addition to giving you a greater understanding of the impact of positivity – and conversely, negativity – you will also learn concrete, easy-to-apply strategies to develop a robust positivity habit – even in times of duress and ‘crazy busy’.





Workshops & Presentations: I’ve been super busy presenting workshops and seminars to groups on a variety of topics related to Ease. Some have been private events and some open to the public.  Topics from brain-ability to honing the positivity advantage.

I have had the privilege of bringing these topics to organizations such as  Sick Kids (Toronto hospital), UoT (Toronto), CPA, Red Mountain Resort (Utah), Administrative Professionals Conference (APC,Toronto), H2 Marketing Central (a communications agency in Toronto); the Editors Conference of Canada, Futurpreneur (for 8 emerging leaders) — and more coming up soon.

Have a look here  my testimonial page at Big Cheese Coaching to hear what people have said about my workshops.

Perhaps you have a group you would like to see experience more ease in their life? Maybe people at work; a conference; or a bookclub?  If you would like to explore the opportunity to have me to speak to your group or do a workshop, please do get in touch ( I’d love to hear from you.

Coaching: Would you like some one-on-one coaching to help you put some of ideas from Ease (and more) into practice? This is my ‘sweet spot’ – helping people navigate their work and lives with more ease and well-being. Get in touch – I’d love to hear from you ( You may want to check out my coaching website too. See Big Cheese Coaching for more.